10 Bad Bills for California

Click on the links to get the actual verbiage of each Bill

  1. AB 1797: This bill makes changes to the CA Immunization Record Database for government agencies to have access to all vaccine records in addition to students.
  2. SB 1184: Changes the CA Medical Privacy Act to authorize a health care provider or service plan to disclose your child’s medical information to a school linked service coordinator without parental consent.
  3. AB 2098: Classifies the sharing of Covid-19 medical opinion by doctors and surgeons contrary to CDC narrative as misinformation and as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary actions.
  4. SB 1479: Requires schools to continue testing long-term and expands to TK, Pre-K, aftor school care and daycare centers.
  5. SB 920: This bill authorizes the medical board to inspect a doctor’s office and records without patients’ consent. This bill violates the standard practices of HIPA.
  6. SB 1464: Forces law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders, even if they oppose or adopt policy to oppose the public health order.
  7. SB 871: Requires all children 0-17 to got the Covid-19 vaccine to attend daycare, public or private schools with no exemptions allowed.
  8. SB 866: Lowers the ago of consent to 12 years old to get the Covid. 19 vaccination without parental consent.
  9. AB 1993: Requires all employees including independent contractors to show proof of Covid-19 vaccinations to work in CA.
  10. SB 1390: Censors any social media platform that posts dissenting information that contradicts the government narrative, information regarding elections and conspiracy theories.

Contact your legislator and let them know you do not support these bills.