Its Time to Rebuild California

California has been under a single party super majority rule for decades and the Golden State has lost its luster. Once the envy of the nation and destination place for tourists, its own citizens are leaving in droves. California has gone from the promise land to a waste land. Highest taxes, outrageous cost of living and choking regulations have led corporations to pack up and move to greener pastures. Homeless encampments are everywhere, our infrastructure is crumbling. Government officials have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to our needs. Its time we stand up and take responsibility. Its time for us to Rebuild California from the ground up.

Rebuild California is a non-partisan grassroots, groundswell movement. Our mission is to take action where government officials have failed us. Water supply, flood protection, forest management, law and order, homelessness, education and school choice are all top on the list. Its time we stop looking to our government for solutions to the problems we all face. We have the ability to take corrective action on our own and its high time we do. Rebuild California is the answer to these problems. Join us and help secure a future we can all live with.

The Recall of Gavin Newsom was the largest ever attempted petition drive in our nation’s history. After witnessing several efforts die on the vine, I realized something had to change for a campaign of this magnitude to be successful.

A small group of determined citizens came together to launch what became the team, and I am proud to say we put the recall of Gavin Newsom on the ballot, something previously thought to be impossible. The network which was born out of the recall is now The Rebuild California team is on a mission to bring about positive changes, to improve the quality of life and secure a future here, we can all live with.

The public initiative process allows us to work around the government red tape and the bureaucracy which has stifled progress in these areas. Together we can make things happen where the politicians have failed to act. Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask instead what have they ever done, we couldn’t do better. It is our mission to provide the leadership, organization, coordination and communication platform to achieve these goals.


Orrin Heatlie
Chairman, Rebuild California


The five pillars are the cornerstone of the next Grass Roots movement to Rebuild California, these issues are based on problems that most Californians feel are the biggest issues facing them today.


Education is the cornerstone of society. Our public school system was once among the best in the world, second to none. Now it has a failing grade.


Rebuild California believes the maintenance of Law and Order are among the government’s most important responsibilities.


Water, the most powerful force on earth, the most precious of natural resources, second only to the air we breathe.


The notion of Self-Governance is the very thing this country was founded upon, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.


Today all of California’s forests are threatened with extinction, and the threat is not climate change, but mismanagement.


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